Credit Management Resources, LLC
                     Management and Financial Advisory Services
Enhance Your Enterprise Value

Credit Management Resources provides Management and Financial Advisory Services for Small and Medium Size Businesses, Professional Corporations and Their Principals. 

Value Proposition

Today, there are many successful business owners who simply do not have the time or resources to focus on Enterprise Management, particularly in the area of banking, financing growth opportunities, evaluating vertical and horizontal integration, analyzing their true financial situation and addressing opportunities for cash flow efficiencies.

       These are all areas in which Credit Management Resources excels and offers the greatest value.   Services include strategic planning; financial planning and forecasting; sourcing credit and banking services; cash management analytics; risk mitigation and more.

We also provide business and management coaching; establishing personal and/or corporate financial goals; creating straight forward key performance indicators to assist in managing the business; identifying and solving operational problems; developing solutions to management and H/R challenges.  

Simply put, we Enhance Enterprise Value.   
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