Credit Management Resources, LLC
                     Management and Financial Advisory Services
Credit and Loan
Administration Services

  • Detailed Business and Management Review
  • Detailed Analysis of Historical and Current Financial Performance
  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting
  • Sourcing Credit and Banking Services
  • Action Plan Development
  • Action Plan Implementation -  As desired or needed
  • Ongoing Follow-up Review and Assistance
Enhancing Your Focus on Fundamental
Business Disciplines
  • Strategic Management focused on creating long term Shareholder Value
  • Financial & Risk Management focused creating Measurable Enterprise Value
  • Human Resources Management focused on developing a Sustainable Business Culture
  • Operations and Inventory Management focused on delivering Competitive Products and Services Sales 
  • Customer Service focused on obtaining Profitable Customer Relationships

     In today’s  economic environment, the obvious is not always apparent.  Your business’ Capital is far too precious to  be passively managed or taken for granted.

     Let an experienced, objective, financial executive assist in Maximizing your Cash Flow and Capital: Evaluate Business and Management Efficiencies; Review Operational and Financial Results and Establish Key Performance Objectives; Mitigate Risk; and Structure or Restructure your Balance Sheet to Maximize Capital Resources.

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